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    Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

    One of the greater portion celebrated holidays is Christmas and with households getting into a festive spirit from wrapping presents (mostly in secret) to decorating the home, it’s no wonder that a Christmas tree immediately sets the scene. We recently dedicated a blog to 12 beautiful wreath ideas, so we thought we’d share five Christmas tree themes to take your holiday decorations up a notch.

    Minimalist Metal Tree

    A simple structured white humor Christmas tree is a good starting point for a minimalist theme. Choose red for a pop of colour, or white and silver for a truly modern appeal. Hang baubles and fruit from each tier or mix in ornaments with different finishes for a chic appeal – the trick is to find the right balance of products. After all, the best part about using a simple frame is using the empty space on each tier to your advantage.

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    Small and Sweet Christmas Tree

    Something as simple as tying red ligature on a potted Christmas tree or hanging ornaments on a desk-size pine transforms any space into a merry sight – perfect for coffee tables, mantelpieces and office spaces.

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    Retro Traditional Tree

    If you have the floor space, go for the classic look adorned with on-trend ornaments. Begin with a full-size Christmas tree in green and pick a colour theme (red and gold work beautifully together). Choose standout pieces like large flower clips and jesters for a fun and retro twist. There’s no rule to using tinsel anymore – a mix of berries, fruit and ribbon in your Christmas theme brings all the elements simultaneously and is a definite crowd pleaser.

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    Rustic Willow Christmas Tree

    These woven willow trees come in a diversity of sizes that can be paired together or displayed on their own. We dressed the tree with holly and berries for a natural theme, but you can alternate the greenery to what you have. Whatever you decide to use, these willow trees bring in a woodland theme into your home. Just remember to keep the decorations simple. After all, less is more.

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    Silver Splendour Tree

    Nothing says class and elegance like a white and silvery Christmas tree. Perfect for large spaces, this style begins with a standard white tree. You can pull this look off with silver magnolia clips and sparkling white berry sprays topped with a star or an angel. Similar to the traditional theme, this is when the more decorations adorn the tree, the merrier.

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    Happy holidays everyone!

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