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    Let’s put it this way: September is kind of like a new year. And just like every January, we make our New Year’s resolutions. Here are ours, which, even if you don’t find them useful, will at the very least make you crack a smile!

    1. Breakfast of champions

    Start the day with a bang! No more coffees on the go while standing in the kitchen or, even worse, at a cafe surrounded by people even more nervous than us. We’re going to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual (come on, it’s not the end of the world!) and break out the most glamorous tablecloth we’ve got. Fresh orange juice, a homemade cappuccino and a cup of cereal for starters. And if we’re still craving more, we’ll give in. A tasty baked croissant or even sweet pancakes for a true American breakfast. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

    Breakfast Series - Healthy Breakfast

    2. Under the stars

    Are we ever certain that a day is destined to fail when divine intervention separates us from fun and throws us into the depths of super intense work? It’s time to detox this unbearable mayhem! And how, you ask? Let’s take a look at the forecasts not for today, not even for tomorrow but… for yesterday. Why? No reason in particular, if not to just lift our mood while we remain negative nancies with no end in sight. Think it could work?

    3. Keep calm &…

    We repeat it very often, but we so rarely do it: live life by philosophy! The first step towards this is to not take life so seriously. The second is to truthfully repeat “Keep calm” in real situations where someone tries to make you mad. Warning: this mantra could create dependence and might block our path to Nirvana!


    4. A+ with honors

    Give ourselves at least one compliment a day. Did we just spend an hour at the gym after years of not even seeing a treadmill? What champions we are! Did we come to work by bike? Next stop: Tour de France! Did we manage to bake a cake without burning it? Might as well call us Master Chef! Are we going mad..? No way: rule number one is to exaggerate!

    5. I love you…

    Let’s try not to take anything for granted, starting with the people around us. Let’s remind ourselves of who we hold dear and who is important. No more paying attention solely to our loved ones’ imperfections: just let go of the fact that our partner may have never touched an iron in his life, his mother drives us up the wall, or that our best friend only calls during emergencies. Time to openly express our affection! Appreciation is always welcome… and it means we can stop complimenting ourselves!

    6. Pumps to die for

    One second of distraction and we’re swiping our credit card, hoping to fill up our wardrobe with an all-star collection. A pair of pumps with 10 cm heels that’ll make as fall before our feet hit the ground. A pair of tribal pants that we’ll never wear, not even on a safari. A miniskirt with sequins that would be too much even for a go-go dancer. We all show this trait at least once: we love going overboard, but we never feel guilty when the bill arrives!

    7. Say cheese

    Let’s print out all our photos and even dig up the old Polaroids and put them all together in an album, like our grandmas and moms used to do. A truly vintage recollection that will age with time, only growing in splendor, never to be forgotten… And, also worth mentioning, wrinkles are much less noticeable.


    8. I’m going in!

    Let’s put our courage to test and do something to pump the adrenaline. Let’s dare to experience bungee jumping, roller coasters or rock-climbing. Whichever extreme sport fits the bill, but let’s remember to bring a camera along to document whatever crazy moments may happen to capture a once in a lifetime event.

    9. Hit the stove

    Let’s experiment in the kitchen! Whether it’s first course, second course or dessert: hit the stove and get to cooking some unforgettable recipes and cravings for friends, family or colleagues. Before digging right in, let’s not forget something not quite as delicious, but equally useful: get rid of all the potless lids just sitting in our cabinets. We’ll have more space for a homemade bread maker: easy to use, it will fill us up with bread and croissants to give to friends and family. A little gesture goes a long way!

    girl sittings with ladle

    10. Play the part with art

    Let’s play interior designer: for example, let’s take some wooden boards and create some eco-friendly furniture. The benefits are quite clear: your bank account takes the day off and your self-esteem goes sky high. When we’ve had enough, we can even sell it on the premise of being the work of a “super famous” Swedish designer.

    And last but not least…

    11. Yes, travel! (the road less traveled)

    Months on end of savings all spent towards a trip that practically seems so far away that it’s like a mirage in the desert? Let’s start discovering places a little closer to home and have a ball even on a weekend getaway! The road less traveled is a world waiting to be discovered. Ready to set off?

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