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    The Best Romances of November


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   I am generally a pretty thankful person, and one thing I'm especially grateful for at this time of year is the amount of reading I can do during the Thanksgiving holidays. My mom and husband tend to take over the kitchen when it comes to turkey time, which leaves

    Reviewer View with Barb and her Co-bloggers from Paging Through the Days


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   About Reviewing How did you get started? Well, I used to contribute to a blog and run my own that were fan fiction based. After a couple of years of not having that outlet I decided to start again. I’d been reading again hot and heavy and besides telling Emmy

    IndieView with Angelika Rust, author of My Name is not Alice


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   Over the past years, I spent a few months lectureship English to pensioners, which required me getting up at 6am to walk the dog before work. You get all sorts of ideas when you’re walking in perfect darkness, no lanterns, and loads of mysterious sounds reachi