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    Posted By: Shopprice Australia In much of Canada, particularly Quebec and Ontario, pesticides are hard to come by—and for good reason. When used improperly, they can cause headaches, nausea and skin and eye problems. There are environmental impacts, too. But that doesn't mean the only way to get a wee

    Green building in India by 2018: UGBC report


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa NEWDELHI: Green building industry will grow by 20 per cent in India in the next three years, mainly on account of environmental regulation and rising demand, a report said. The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced the results of the Dodge Data & Analyti

    Poverty allebhiyatim backpack so i h saulara Time

    Play - Solar System

    Posted By: Shopprice Australia Social entrepreneur Salima Visram created the Soular Backpack, developed to help Kenyan children do their schoolwork.Born into a wealthy family in Kenya, Salima Visram went to boarding school in Wales and then attended McGill University in Montreal. Despite living in North

    6 Most Beautiful Parrots In The World


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   1. Yellow Crested Cockatoo: They are usually medium ranged in their sizes and can only be around 34 cm in their size. They consist of a white plumage and have a yellow colored crest. They are also known by the name of the Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo because t

    5 Natural Phenomena You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

    monarch butterfly photo

    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   Earth is more bizarre than you can ever imagine.   1. Christmas Island’s Red Crabs: Each year an estimated 43 million land crabs migrate to lay their eggs in the ocean. Authorities close most of the island’s roads during the migration, which no

    Top 5 Coolest Places from Around the World You Won’t Believe Exist


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   The most notable feature of the lake is its pink color. Although the source of the pink colour has not been definitively proven in the case of Lake Hillier, the pink color of other salt lakes (e.g., Pink Lake) in the region arises from a dye created by the o


    Reflective salt flats in Bolivia - 15 Things You Won't Believe Actually Exist In Nature

    Posted By: Shopprice Australia 1. Giant Horns It’s not photoshop edited. It’s real. These African Watusi steer holds a world record for largest horns ever with a 37.5 inch circumference.   2. The Captured Cloud OMG!!! How can there be a cloud inside a room? Artist Berndnaut Smi

    Return of the Emerald Spotted Tree Frog


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia When we first moved to our property Jarowair, the Emerald Spotted Tree Frog was one of the main frogs that we would see on a regular basis. Over the last couple of years we have noticed a real decline in this species, and have found that even in times of large rain whi

    Spotted Black Snake in the Pool


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   There was a bit of excitement for me this afternoon when I noticed this little guy (Spotted black snake) doing laps in the pool smile emoticon he was much happier after I relocated him down at the creek, and so was the relieved frog who was also doing its best

    Fungi Expert visits Rogers Reserve Highfields


    Posted By: Shopprice Australia   Megan Prance (President of Wolston & Centenary Catchments Inc and Co-author of "A Little Field Guide to West Brisbane Fungi") visited the Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve after recent rain on 13th April 2015. Megan discovered a wide variety of fung