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    5kg Electronic Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale


    Shopprice Australia 5kg Electronic Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale $24.95 stylish, sleek & convenient, the masterclass glass top kitchen scale features a satin silver chrome finish with detachable tempered glass platform.the scale has 5,000g weight capacity, and is perfect for display on your kitc

    Spacious & Stylish 6 Tier Wooden Shoe Rack Organizer


    Shopprice Australia Spacious & Stylish 6 Tier Wooden Shoe Rack Organizer (Black Wood) $79.95 the 6 tier shoe rack will group shoes together and add a touch of class to any room. simple, spaciou s yet ultra-stylish. a stylish solution to floors littered in footwear, made from beautiful, high qu ali

    All-In-One Avocado Slicer


    Shopprice Australia All-In-One Avocado Slicer $14.95 the best foods are always the most awkward to get a hold ofliterally. avocadoes are notoriously diff icult to prepare sometimes but the all-in-one avocado slicer makes light work of them. use the plas tic place to slice, pit the huge seed from the m

    Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Julienne Cutter


    Shopprice Australia Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Julienne Cutter make veggies fun with the spiral slicer. with the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. the 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 m m spirals are perfect to create

    Magic Bullet


    Shopprice Australia Magic Bullet is a high speed blender plus mixer. Useful, versatile and easy to use, the Magic Bullet takes up minimal space while showcasing maximum speed and versatility. It is one of the most popular gadgets that sold over 40 million set worldwide. It’s very fast and simple to op

    coffee machines


    Shopprice Australia Coffee machines (Also known as Coffee makers) are cooking appliances used to brew coffee. While there are many different types of coffee machines using a number of different brewing principles, in the most common devices, coffee grounds are placed in a paper or metal filter inside a

    Rice cooker


    Shopprice Australia Rice Cooker  is an automated kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. It consists of a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. Once the rice cooker's thermal sensor detects the pot going above 212 degrees, it means the water has all been absorbed. At that point, the

    Silver 1 Glass Door Bar Fridge


    Shopprice Australia Catering and food business are highly reluctant in efficient commercial fridges. To keep the food fresh and delicious or keep the waste minimum, commercial fridges are essential. Depending on use and function there are different types of commercial fridges are available. Each of the

    LG Air Conditioner


    Shopprice Australia LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. LG known as one of the most efficient air conditioners manufacturer, when it comes cooling and energy saving. Incorporated with innovative technologies, these st

    General Air Conditioner


    Shopprice Australia General is an air conditioners brand that owned by Fujitsu General of Japan. Fujitsu General manufactures and markets various air conditioning units and humidity control solutions under General and Fujitsu brand in different markets. The company has the premium AC segment in South Ea