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    Wireless Keyboard


    Shopprice Australia Keyboard is an essential part whenever we are using any sort of pc or tablet. Many consumers simply stick with whatever keyboard came with their desktop, but there are benefits to choosing the right keyboard. It’s one device that always on use as long we are in front of the PC, so

    Samsung Galaxy S6


    Shopprice Australia Samsung Galaxy S6 is an Android smartphones manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The S6 line serves as a successor to the Galaxy S5. The S6 and S6 Edge smartphones were officially unveiled in the first "Samsung Unpacked 2015" event at Mobile World Congress on 1 March 201

    Apple iPhone 4s


    Shopprice Australia The iPhone 4S is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the fifth generation of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhone 4 and preceding the iPhone 5. Announced on October 4, 2011 at Apple's Cupertino campus, its media coverage was accompanied by news of the death o

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5


    Shopprice Australia Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an Android phablet smartphone developed and produced by Samsung Electronics. Unveiled on 13 August 2015, it is a successor to the Galaxy Note 4 as part of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It’s one of the best Android phones with a large screen, a stylus and

    Apple iPad Air


    Shopprice Australia The iPad Air is the first-generation iPad Air tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It was announced on October 22, 2013, and was released on November 1, 2013. The iPad Air is a totally redesigned tablet.The iPad Air features a thinner design with similaritie

    Samsung galaxy s7


    Shopprice Australia Samsung Galaxy S7 is an Android smartphones manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The S7 series is a successor to the 2015 Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+, and was officially introduced   on 21 February 2016, and launched on 11 March 2016. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a

    Apple iPad 2


    Shopprice Australia The iPad 2 is a tablet designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Compared to the first iPad, as the second device in the iPad line it gained a faster dual core A5 processor, a lighter build structure, and was the first iPad to feature VGA front-facing and 720p rear-facing camera

    Portable Air Condition


    Shopprice Australia A portable version of air conditioner offers flexibility to move it inside a home or office. They are currently available with capacities of about 5,000–60,000 BTU/h (1,500–18,000 W) and with or without electric-resistance heaters. Portable air conditioners are either evaporative

    Symphony Air Cooler


    Shopprice Australia Symphony Limited located in Ahmedabad was established in the year 1988. Symphony known for manufacturing products like domestic air coolers, industrial air coolers, and water heaters. Symphony has its operations in about 60 countries. It is also certified by the Guinness World Record

    Air Coolers


    Shopprice Australia Air coolers are depending on the method of dissipating heat. It works by expanding the surface area of or increasing the flow of air over the object to be cooled, or both. An air cooler is a heat exchanger used to cool and dehumidify the air. Most of air coolers are these days evapor