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    Baby’s delicate skin loses moisture nearly two times faster than an adult person. That’s why it’s important to decide the right lotion that will suit baby’s sensitive, gentle skin. There are two major factors to consider when you are selecting baby lotion; first is how healthy its ingredients are; second is how likely it is to sooth and hydrate your baby’s skin instead of producing a negative reaction, such as a rash. There are many wonderful options for babies.  Here are some of the issues to consider when you’re planning on buying baby care products:

    •         Avoid toxic ingredients: Surprisingly, many baby products are formulated with

       potentially hazardous chemicals. Better read the product ingredients and do some


    •         Babies are especially vulnerable to exposures to hazardous chemicals: At early

       stage babies do not have fully functioning metabolic systems for getting rid of toxins

       as efficiently as adults. Therefor the same amount of a toxin can have a larger impact

       on babies than adults.

    •         Taking precautions to avoid unnecessary exposures: The case for precaution is the

        strongest with baby products.

    Here are some of the best options for baby lotion:

    •         Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion
    •         Puracy Organic Baby Lotion
    •         Babyganics Daily Baby Lotion
    •         Maine baby lotion
    •         Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion
    •         Lavera Baby & Kinder Neutral Wash Lotion
    •         Bliss 50ml Firm Baby Firm Moisturizing Gel Cream          
    •         Johnsons Baby Lotion.

    To find out more product  and for price comparison visit : .

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