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    The keyboard is the second most used computer peripheral after mouse. So it’s important to get your hand on the best possible keyboard that let you do your work perfectly whether it is office job, professional gaming or something creative. Apple computers and tablets are known for having useful peripherals available, especially ones that come directly from Apple itself. When it comes to buying a keyboard for Mac (Apple PC), Apple keyboard would be the first choice. They look great, they have command, function, and option keys instead of control and alt keys, and they’re made by Apple.
    There are actually two keyboards that Apple makes for Macs: one wired, and one wireless. The wireless model is probably more popular, as it has a smaller footprint and is highly portable. Wireless keyboards provide a number of advantages over their wired counterparts. One of the most significant is how convenient they are for usage. They can go anywhere within range of the receiver, they don’t have to be connected and reconnected physically when the user goes to another computer or device, and they work especially well when dealing with larger Apple monitors and displays. MacBook keyboards come in different sizes and prices:
    ·         Macbook Air 13″ A1369 keyboard
    ·         Keyboard for Apple MacBook Pro 17″ Unibody A1297, 2009-2011
    ·         Keyboard for Apple MacBook Air 11″ A1465 A1370-11.

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