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    The week­end is mar­ket day in France, and as you know, French take food seri­ously. Hun­dreds of locals browse the overcrowded éta­lages of fruits, veg­eta­bles, spe­cialty food and other del­i­ca­cies, from spicy salami and ham to crêpes and goat cheese, from fancy cakes to freshly-caught fish.

    I usu­ally don’t have much time to cook (and eat!) with Mark and even although I don’t crave French food, I was happy to buy sev­eral kinds of cheese and bread for lunch. Mark didn’t seem to mind the crowd and the shout­ing match between ven­dors: “my cheese is the best, the best!” “Can’t have fish any fresher than that!” “Taste my straw­ber­ries, local straw­ber­ries here!”

    Times have qualified though, you can tell by the weekly mar­kets. First, there are more ready-to-eat meal options than before, such as roasted chicken, sal­ads, savoury pies, etc.—people no longer cook from scratch. There are also more “world food” offered, even in a rel­a­tively small and homoge­nous city like Nantes: Chi­nese food with spring rolls and “Can­tonese rice” (stir-fried rice), Indian samosas, dishes from exotic islands, etc. Mind you, none of these foods is really exotic, it is quite bland com­pared to the “real deal” but for French it is still quite new.

    Finally, many of the ven­dors are from Spain or since North­ern Africa, reflect­ing some new diver­sity. Mar­kets are def­i­nitely a snap­shot of a country!

    You can see the com­plete set of pic­tures of France here.



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    French Market

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