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    Many places attempt to emulate the magic of Venice. London and Mykonos both have a Little Venice. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas even recreates some of the city’s most striking features to scale. Though many imitations of Veneto’s capital city exist, there is only one real Venice, and no replica can ever come close to it.

    An ancient maritime republic and the eternal “Queen of the Adriatic”, Venice and its Lagoon represent a visual phenomenon that surpasses the flesh and blood of the Earth. Reaching it from the sea is like suddenly stepping into a skyline that belongs to a different world, at once summoning the grandeur of the past and of spice trade with the East.


    If you have any questions as to what makes this place one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, look no further than the architecture of the grand palaces pertaining to the Byzantine era and the Renaissance on the Grand Canal, the wood bridges, the steel and concrete that connects the banks, the narrow, winding streets that twist, turn and intersect every which way until you lose yourself in their bounds, and the labyrinth of canals where you can slowly climb aboard a gondola.

    To discover Venice means to get lost in Venice, in its fields and squares, through its hidden and silent serpentine streets; it means to wander aimlessly, until you eventually find yourself standing all alone.


    Scale the Rialto Bridge, cross St. Mark’s Square, immerse yourself in the traffic of tourists and merchants, and then find a way to leave them behind… you’ll arrive at a quiet and unexpected corner of the city or catch a glimpse of the Lagoon from an unexpectedly breathtaking view.

    Moving away from St. Mark’s square, in the direction of via Garibaldi, you will come upon the Giardini della Bienniale and the Arsenal complex, once among the most active shipyards in Europe; at the opposite end you will catch sight of the Punta Dogana, the Academy building with its famous wooden bridge and the dozens of churches scattered around the San Polo district, where it’s also possible to enjoy a concert. A few minutes away you will find the Lido, a famous seaside resort and home to a Cinema exhibition which is held every year in the late summer. With the service of a boat, you can also reach the other islands of the Lagoon, namely Guidecca,Murano, Burano, Torcello; often-neglected destinations that are also rich and wonderful places to explore.

    There are many attractions in this architectural mecca, many that are often less known, but -for this reason- they are also all the more intriguing. These are places frequented only by locals, perfect if you are interested in immersing yourself in the true Venetian atmosphere. Here, with sips and shadows of wine and in the Bacari, the traditional taverns, it is possible to truly experience Venice through all the flavor and quality of the local cuisine.

    So many of these scenic views have served as the backdrop to major motion pictures and noteworthy novels. Today, United Colors of Benetton decided to revisit, rediscover and immortalize them in its shots for the new fall winter collection.


    The collection is full of glamorous and sophisticated looks that offer the most suitable option for any and every occasion: lace, adornments, sought-after accessories, classic shades or choices like black, red, or violet, and simple lines that are fitted at the waist. Geometric and floral designs are enhanced by the luxury and the sharpness of the fairytale-like panorama, untouched by traffic, by the frantic rush, or by the horns and the noises of common urban life.



    This magical, romantic, beautiful place that almost transcends words also emulates the refinement of the new collection. This is a place that can enchant and reflect at the same time, a place where you return to rediscover the value of time, where nothing is ever lost, because every moment spent in Venice is a moment gained.

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