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    Following on from last night’s blog post on the beautiful Tarte christmas gifts, I wanted to illuminate you on the newer bits from The Body Shop this season. The Body Shop is always a firm favourite of mine for fool-proof gifting. There will always be something that someone will love and the comprehensive range of scents and fragrances mean the choice is almost impossible. Their new scent this year is frosted plum which smells absolutely divine, I’ve been using the body butter (an absolute Body Shop much have) and the sweet, fruity scent lingers whilst keeping your skin lovely and moisturised. They also have some new additions to their makeup range with these adorable palettes with geometric packaging (turns out it’s all about the geometric shapes this christmas when it comes to packaging). The gold eyeshadow palette has some really beautiful shades in it, combining hues of purple and gold for a pretty festive look. It’s perhaps not the colour palette I would usually put on my eyes, but my mum would absolutely love this! The sparklers caught my eye immediately with their cute little vintage-perfume-bottle-dressing-table feel. I absolutely loved the idea that before a night out, you could spritz shimmer dust over your body for a party glow. This comes in two pretty shades, one in light pink and another with a slight more peachy vibe. I also wanted to include this adorable cherry blossom gift set in this post too, as it’s one of my favourite scents from the Body Shop and to receive this as a gift, would make me very happy. The scent is very delicate but also feminine and not too sweet, making it the perfect perfume, plus the box is adorable and reminds me of an igloo! What are your go-to gifts from The Body Shop? I always think you can’t go wrong with a body butter personally!


     Frosted Plum Shower Gel

    Frosted Plum Body Butter

    Colour Crush Festive Nail Colours

    Colour Crush Nail Sequins

    The Sparkler

    Colour Crush Festive Lipstick

    Eyeshadow Palette – Grooving Gold

    Lip and Cheek Stain

    Pre-Party Make-Up Kit

    Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set












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