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    It’s the 3rd week of December…the reality of the holidays approaching has become indisputable. There’s a Christmas tree lot on what seems like every corner. The receptionists at your local gym are all wearing Santa hats. Holiday music is literally playing EVERYWHERE, including the pumps at the gas space. What’s the big deal some of you may be asking? To answer your question, this time of year, for many gentleman, can bring a lot of social anxiety with it. Who do I spend the holiday with? What should I gift the woman, or special someone in my life, particularly if I’ve only know her a month! What is an appropriate gift to bring to meet ‘the family’? How should I dress to meet ‘the family’? These are all very real and valid questions many gentleman will and have already started to ask themselves.

    Let’s start with the woman in your life. How about this one…you’ve been seeing anybody you’re somewhat ‘into’, but aren’t ready to spend the holiday with her. What do you do, and what do you gift her? My suggestion would be to take her to a nice dinner or cook her a nice dinner, a day or two before Christmas. This, to me, sends the message that you care enough to spend this time with her, but that you’re not ready to spend the actual holiday simultaneously. Make the evening feel as festive as possible. If you’re taking her out to dinner, have Christmas music playing in the car when you pick her up. When she arrives at your house for a home cooked meal, have Christmas music playing. A bit of playful, well placed mistletoe, helps to create a festive environment as well. This will give the feeling of Christmas without it actually being Christmas!

    Now…what do you gift the woman you’ve only been seeing a short while? Women love jewelry! This doesn’t have to mean super costly. Ask some low key questions in a somewhat sneaky way about what her favorite types of jewelry are. Also, try being observant of the styles of earrings, bracelets, or necklaces she already get on. Then get her something unique that goes with her sense of style. Here are several tasteful, stylish necklaces I like. Their price point is under $50.00.





    A beautiful scarf  is a great gift that won’t set you back too much. Make sure to get one that fits her sense of style.





    I hope this helps out just a bit. Remember…the holidays are about appreciating what we all have and enjoying the ones we care about!

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