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    When it comes to wedding make-up there is always so much to consider, from how to pick the perfect foundation, to what colours will look good in photos. To make things easier for brides, we’ve spoken to La Biosthetique’s top makeup artists to find their tips and tricks to doing the perfect wedding makeup.


    Step 1: Skin preparation & Foundation

    Prepare your skin so it will look flawless on the day. Do this by selecting the right skincare for you to use in the weeks leading up to the wedding. For more information see La Biosthetique for a 6 week skincare treatment plan.

    On the day of the wedding, apply a light day cream and a primer. Primers even out your skin-tone and ensure your foundation lasts longer. Use a mat base primer on the areas (such as the t-zone), where the skin tends to be oily and a shine base primer on spots that you want to accentuate, like the cheekbones. La Biosthetique offers both a Beauty Base (Mat) and a Glow Base (shine) primer.

    Choose a foundation which matches your skin tone or is a fraction lighter. This will give you a beautiful fresh glow. Fix the look with powder applied gently with a sponge.


    Step 2: The eyes

    Apply a thin layer of primer on the eyelid, then using a round eyeshadow brush to apply your eyeshadow.


    • Use lighter and brighter colours on the top lid, and slightly darker colours on the outside corners of your eyes to give your eyes more definition. A slight amount of rouge under the eyebrows will open your eyes more.

    • Use an Ivory colour eyeliner on the waterline, this will reduce the redness and brighten your eyes

    • Fake eyelashes can give your eyes that extra pop! Cut the lashes so they are only a fraction longer than your own. This way they will have a full impact without looking unnatural.


    Step 3: The Lips 

    For lips to lust over, choose soft colours like rose and coral or the classic bold reds. Dark brown and purple can look dull in photos.

    Apply a lightening cream to the area above the lips. This will define your lips and make the colour look luscious. We love the La Biosthetique Cover & Light cream.

    Fix the lipstick by placing a tissue gently over them then applying a fine layer of powder.


    Step 4: Contouring 

    Contouring defines your cheekbones. La Biosthetique has a contouring powder with the 3 different shades in one product. Simply apply the apricot-rose shades to the front of the cheekbones, then shade underneath with a brown powder and brighten the area above the cheekbones using the highlighting powder.



    La Biosthetique Belavance range uses active ingredients that care for the skin and deliver beautiful, long-lasting results. Overuse from makeup can damage the natural balance in the skin, our products work to reverse these effects, using vitamin E and minerals to nourish and protect the skin.


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