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    What a amazing whirlwind these past couple of weeks have been! Even though I’ve been through it once before, I forgot about how strong the buzzzzz is, that comes toward with releasing a new book into the world. Woah!

    Just this past Thursday I gave a talk on the Heroine’s Journey to a full house at the Boulder Book Store. Plus, over the past two months, I’ve given countless interviews, spreading the wisdom from The Book of SHE far and wide.

    Since writing and publishing a book is very much like racing a marathon (I should know, I’ve done both!), I’m pacing myself for the last leg of this 2-year-plus journey. What an incredible, life-changing adventure it has been!

    The impulse to “push through” and check one more thing off my list is strong. Really strong. And rightfully so. I’m super passionate about this book! And yet, past suffering beckons me to do things differently.

    I’m proud of myself for choosing ease over struggle during this very full phase of my life. I celebrate that I’m opting to:

    ….power down my devices for the weekend. Even when there’s endless work to be done.

    …. increase my self-care budget. Even when my rational mind tells me it’s too “indulgent.”

    …. say “No” to some really incredible opportunities. So I can simplify and focus on a couple of core priorities.

    Sisters, this is a dilemma we all face– in varying degrees of intensity– throughout our entire lives.

    Our childhood programming urges us to say “Yes” to every opportunity that comes our way. Heaven forbid we disappoint someone!

    We’ve built our self-hoods around being “good girls” and succeeding at all costs, we’re unconsciously driven by deranged masculine principles.

    As a result, we’re tormented by the belief that we need to be extraordinary in order to validate our existence.

    If you’re nodding your head at any of this, then you too fall into the archetype of the “Father’s Daughters.” At a very young age, you also internalized a very rigid, linear, results-oriented standard of success.

    Like me, you’ve come here to break out of this restrictive mold, longing to forge a more fluid, joyful, easeful way in the world.

    As week two of our SHE Stories podcast series comes to a close, our latest two episodes offer you a chance to explore these concepts in more depth: Father’s Daughters v. Embracing Ease.

    The shift to the latter is how we finally grow up.

    Light a candle, pour yourself a cup of tea, and listen deeply to this soulful series. And see what it illuminates within you.

    Here’s what some listeners shared in response to this week’s episodes:

    “Sara Avant Stover and Bari Tessler Linden – this is a sublimely beautiful interview. Thanks so much for making the magic! I was really affected and touched too by your discussion on the concept of the ‘fathers daughter’ and how, after years of personal growth work myself, just hearing you talk about this so openly STILL moved me deeply.”

    “I really enjoyed this interview! Thank you for your truth and sincerity.”

    “This podcast’s so worth tuning into, I have no words (& that’s saying something).”

    Enjoy this week’s podcast conversations here. Or download the individual episodes below.

    With much love,


    SHE Story: Money, Grief, and Being a Father’s Daughter with Bari Tessler Linden


    Bari is one of my closest girlfriends. It then comes as no surprise that we had a really deep interview, where Bari opened up about stories she had never shared before. She talks a little bit about her work, The Art of Money, but she mostly shares tender, private stories. We explore the “Father’s Daughter, archetype,” a concept I write about in The Book of SHE, and how Bari had to rebel against her father’s “way” in order to find her own inner compass. We also explore the grief process, and some recent money riddles that it took her decades to solve.

    Go ahead: nibble on some dark chocolate (Bari’s favorite), and settle in with us for this rich, sisterly conversation.



    SHE Story: Creativity, Success & Embracing Ease with Jennifer Lee


    Jennifer Lee has been a dear friend and animation for years. She’s the founder of Artizen Coaching, a pioneer in creative entrepreneurship, and the best-selling author of two books: The Right-Brain Business Plan and Building Your Business the Right Brain Way. Today, she reveals some stories she hasn’t shared before and opens up about some tender points along her Heroine’s Journey. She shares why she’s risking listening to her body (over ambitiously pursuing rapid business growth alone), and both the struggle and peace that this brings. She also shares some of her favorite ways to “embrace ease” during her work week, and how connecting with her muse keeps her creative fire kindled.

    This conversation is for anyone who’s looking for a more inspired, feminine path to success.



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